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Latest Dress Design Trends for 2021

Explore the latest & best of Ethnic Indian Fashion that were the highlight of Spring/Summer 21 and look at whats upcoming for Autumn/Winter 22!

Welcome to your textile insider space, Threads & Fabrics. Our blog draws data only from what is sold on ground, with the help of personal sales data & market research done for conceptualizing catalog themes. Today we take a look back at which Salwar suits fabrics were loved the most this Summer & our predictions for fabrics and colour trends for Winter. Let's jump right in!

Colours trends for Summer 2021

Lets have a look at which Indian ethnic wear styles made wardrobe favorites and flew off shelves this summer! Trends for Summer 2021 saw a switch to soothing tones for every-wear. Staying at home for the summer made women all over India prioritize subtle dress design for maximum comfort.

Indian ethnic wear designs that KILLED this Spring Summer

Kurta designs for women featured small motifs and tonal prints. Fine embroidered Indian Salwar suits are elegant & have a classic charm.

Big motifs had a niche audience too. As people started stepping out around May, big & bold Salwar Kameez designs made a comeback!

Staying at home for the summer made women all over India prioritize subtle dress design for maximum comfort

Our Prediction for fabrics and colour trends for Winter 2021

We are all very hopeful for the pandemic to normalize & movement to resume as more and more of us vaccinate. Considering the incredible pace at which we are moving, we expect a much more positive enironment as winters approach.

Classic Winter Autumn tones are an obvious YES, but besides the Maroons and Indigos, were planning some bright and catchy pallets as well. Gold, Rani, Rama and other tones that have an innate sheen can be paired with the classics to accentuate any Indian traditional dress.

Cotton flex, Spun Pashmina, Cotton Dobby & Rayon Dress materials all have their own unique characteristics & can be planned accordingly.

Prediction for Indian ethnic wear design trends for Winter 2021

A winter that feels like a fresh new start calls for some bold & bright tones & prints. Vibrant but deeper tones will make a huge comeback as we go on a much awaited shopping spree before the festive season.

Vertical stripes, contrasting prints & big motif Salwar Kameez designs to play an important role this season!

We are all looking to make a statement with our style. Coming season, as the world unlocks, we plan to draw all eyes to us, featuring bold new looks, for a better Everyday!

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