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About Us

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Shirtings & Suitings

Salwar Kameez

Kurti designer in india
Textile mill in india


Ethnic Kurtis

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Shirting & Suiting

  • Our first foray into fabrics

  • 80 years of experience & expertise

  • An expansive bouquet of market-tested designs over a variety of fibers, blends & weaves

  • Vast options to customize and make-to-order

  • In pursuit of Perfection

Vertical stripes shirting print
  • In pursuit of Perfection

  • 80 years of experience & expertise

  • Vast options to customize and make-to-order

  • An expansive bouquet of market tested designs over a variety of fibres, blends & weaves

  • Our first foray into fabrics

Shirting &



Years of expertise

Vertical Overview
Our Philosophy

What we work towards?
We like to believe it's creating happy days

A person's clothes are one's chosen skin. It is something that can be crafted with perfection, and that is what we strive towards. 

All our Research, Design & Development is undertaken with the end-user at the center. We constantly endeavor to offer premium styles and qualities to our community. After crafting daily wear attires for over 80 years, we have gained tremendous insights into what is most worn from your extensive wardrobes.

Mangla Textiles tagline

For a fabric to be accepted as everyday-worthy, it must pass high thresholds of look, feel, mood, and personality.

Detailed planning goes into selecting seasonal pallets, weaves, patterns, and fits; essentially, we do the thinking so you can effortlessly flaunt any garment and receive compliments all day long.

Textile printing ahmedabad
The Mangla Family

It's woven in our souls
One Family, One Vision

The trade has been passed on as a family heirloom, with the knowledge preserved and grown with each generation. Each of us has built on the vision of our elders, & work to make our community, our family, proud.

When we talk about our 80 Years of Expertise, we think about the entire journey along which we have grown and gathered all that we know about making fabrics. Learning and fine-tuning the details with each new batch we make, we have come a long way.

For us, Mangla Textiles is a studio where we practice our art & are lucky enough to have it seen by millions, every day. We are overjoyed and humbled every time we see someone wearing our threads. We realize that the ability to make someone's day, by making their wardrobe is sacred, and that is what inspires us.

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