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Floral print shirting fabric

All that's modern, classic,
contemporary & timeless, 
there's a fabric for every need.

Trends may change, but originality never goes out of fashion.

Look within, find your style.

Collections & Fabrics

Shirting Fabric

Shirting Fabric

Collections & Fabrics

We have been working on this line for the past 80 years, and have developed remarkable prowess & proactive Research & Design systems to stay ahead of the curve.

Working over fabrics with a count of 40s to 80s, we have gradually adopted an expansive bouquet of fibers, blends, and weaves.


Here is a summary of what's new & hot right now.

​Blended Fibers

  • Modal

  • Rayon

  • Tencel

  • Melange

  • Scafati

  • Schamonix

  • Scafachino


  • Cotton -
    Plain, Giza, 
    Pima, Compact 

  • Slub

  • Linen

  • Lycra

Cotton fibre for fabric

Our fabrics are treated with care and precision, to yield a superior product.

Carbon peach, Liquid ammonia, Enzyme, Bio, Easy To Iron

and other such finish processes ensure that each apparel turns out to be as easy on the skin as it is on the eyes.


  • Plain

  • Twill

  • Satin

  • Dobby

  • Oxford

  • Chambray

  • Herringbone


Plains, Prints, & Checks

on Yarn-dyed & Piece-dyed fabrics

Suiting fabrics for bottom wear

Suiting Fabric

Collections & Fabrics

Suiting Fabric

Collections & Fabrics

Suitings at Mangla are developed over 10s to 60s count fabrics, with the use of 2-ply & 3-ply yarns. Our collection includes fabrics with Elastesene (Spandex), for a superior fit and style.

With finishes like Lisa, Peaching, LA, Wrinkle - free, Silicon & Bio, the apparel draws enough strength to be worn in any environment.

​Blended & Non-Blended Fibers

  • Linen

  • Cotton

  • Tencel


  • Yarn-Dyed

  • Piece Dyed

  • Shorts




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