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Salwar Kameez or Kurti?

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Should you just buy a readymade kurti instead of having a salwar kameez tailored? Maybe or maybe not! Read on to find the right reasons for YOU.

Salwar suit vs Kurta

The Salwar Kameez style is traditional, elegant & classically confident, while Ethnic Kurtis are bright, trendy & playfully chic! Which style do you pick??

It's simple, answer these 3 questions for yourself and maybe, just maybe, our thoughts will help clear the confusion for you.

• What's your life like?

Building the perfect wardrobe takes 2 things, Time and Effort.

Are you able to make time for yourself in your daily routine? Are you working in a job or a profession? Does your home-making routine get hectic on a regular basis?

Stitching a suit for yourself can be the most rewarding feeling, the first time you try it on! (But we lead different lives) For some of us, even taking the fabric to the tailor can be a difficult task to make time for. This is why a lot of professionally working women prefer to purchase ready-made kurtis.

After all is said and done, the only investment you can be sure of, is yourself. Make time for yourself once in a while. It is a rewarding feeling.

• Is it Personal?

That's the beauty of Unstitched Dress Material, the possibility & freedom to customize every inch of your perfect fitting dress. The kind of sleeve, fit, flare, if the salwar is churidar, palazzo, or straight, everything depends on YOUR choice. Everytime you wear the outfit you know in your heart, it belongs to you & you only. As humans, we crave expression, attention and care, & no one can care for us deeper than ourselves.

Taking the time to make something for yourself is a sure shot way to brighten up your day!

Kurtis are a bouquet of many details. Cuts, borders, trinkets, tassles and much more. Every once in a while you find a kurti that feels like your soulmate. It is rare, but possible to find something thats the perfect fit for you, and can be just as personal.

Simply put, you can either choose to search for the perfect piece, or make each piece perfect yourself.

• Would you like to impress your friends & family?

Most of our everyday wear depends on our culture & communal fashion language. But, every now and then it feels great to stand out. If your friends and family are used to seeing you in a particular style of kurtis, you can be sure you will stun them if you showed up in a tailored Salwar Suit one day.

Simply changing up your style of Kurti or Salwar Kameez silhouette is a bold move in itself. These small risks definitely have huge rewards. A MUST TRY MOOD BOOSTER!

Indian party wear dress

At the end of the day, you MUST try both!

You may have made up your mind about what suits you best by now. Maybe even considered switching up your style for when you're attending your next get together. But we urge you to try both for your everyday wardrobe too!

You might doubt wearing something new, but as soon as you get that first compliment, which you will, your new look will become an instant classic.

If theres anything we have learned from 60 years of making fabrics, its that a new style takes time to make your own. You might feel doubt wearing something new, but as soon as you get that first compliment, which you will, your new look will become an instant classic.

We realize how incredible both, Salwar suits and Kurtis are individually, and how well they intersect. Learn more about our Unstitched Dress Material & Kurti Fabrics and Ethnic Kurtis and book your fabrics to craft your styles and collections today!

Be bold, dear fabric enthusiast, make your style your own. Wishing you the best for your day today, & everyday!


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