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The Rise of Indo-Western fashion

Discover the bold charm of Indian fusion. This is where our cultures unite!

Indo-western fashion for men's everyday shirts is on the rise. Redefining values and stereotypes is always constructive for the fashion industry, for innovation can boom!

Welcome to your native fashion space Threads & Fabrics by Mangla Textiles, a blog by Indian designers with decades of trade practice!

The year is 2020 and borders are virtually non-existant, both globally and mentally. The definition of MAN is changing to a mental state, and not the threads on one's body. This healthy growth in cultures everywhere, is opening numerous new doors for fashion & art.

We have been finding a lot of bold new designers, willing to experiment and define Indian fashion in new ways, bringing new colors and themes to men's wear.

Here is a list of labels & brands making the first move -

jaipur hand print men shirt


tistabene men shirt

TistaBene is part of a lifestyle retail company of the same name, based in the Pink city, i.e. Jaipur. The classic colors and motifs of their city are beautifully bold on each shirt. An absolutely confident look!

Expore their complete collection here -

hand print shirt


moksha block print shirt

The block printed look is a rustic aesthetic we are absolutely loving for the summers. Moksha is another label inspired by the city of Jaipur and its heritage. Their use of subtle colors draws focus on the design. The perfect casual cool take for those who wish to try the look.

Expore their complete collection here -

jaipuri shirts

House of Dhaaga

house of dhaaga indian print shirt
rajasthani design shirt

The collections by HoD are inspired from Rajasthan, and filtered through the royal taste of Kolkata & Lucknow. While designing these regal attires, the entrepreneurs at HoD constantly work towards improving their environment with eco friendly initiatives and by working towards the betterment of their Karigars.

Expore their complete collection here -

jaipur print shirts

Fancy Pastels

fancy pastels print shirt

Fancy Pastels is a lifestyle brand that does it all! Their shirts are elegant & sophesticated to say the least.

To have a look at their complete breakdown of the block printing process, click here - Block printing by Fancy Pastels

Expore their complete collection here -

indian print shirts

Prime Porter

Ikkat shirt men

Treat yourself to some premium threads by Primeporter. With a vast collection inspired by luxe designs from across the world, Primeporter wishes to offer something incredible to all men alike.

Expore their complete collection here -

indian ikat men shirt


vastrr ethnic shirt

Vastrr tells the stories of the young and the restless. Wandering, learning, making their mark to stand out with their style as much as their ideas. Designs by Vastrr are young and energetic. They really are making ethnic prints "Cool".

Expore their complete collection here -