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Fashion Trends 2022: Insights by the biggest Indian Tastemakers

We dived into the minds of 9 Indian fashion bloggers who are defining the fashion needs of the Indian youth. This is what the people will want very soon!

Welcome to Threads & Fabrics, the blog where we share behind the scene insights into the Indian Fashion industry, discover trends, and the concepts we are crafting! We've got something diverse and glam today, with some data that can be used as secondary research on the Indian Fashion landscape.

Since the propogation of the smartphone to the youngest of people across the country, a new vocation has taken form, that of the Social Influencer. Influencers are people who are sensitive to trends and hop onto new ones quick. They cultivate a niche audience and curate content based on them day after day. This requires a keen understanding of both, the people and fashion. Suffice it to say, they are tastmakers to millions of people!

With the research these 8 individuals have done, they've grown tremendously to make their unique audiences. We have shortlisted a roster of 9 of the most coveted Influencers in India (2021). After reading into their content, we found 6 fashion macro trends for 2022 that are governing both Western wear & Shirting and Indian Ethnic wear. Have a look at what they are -

The traditional Indian Dress, i.e. Salwar Suits & Kurtas for women are going strong as style staples. Inspired by this, Men's fashion is also accepting the traditional Ethnic Kurta for men as an everyday outfit.

The highlight however is where Indian designs meet western silhouettes. The Kurta shirt is making it into the portfolios of international fashion houses like Celio, Bruun & Stengade, Antony Morato and a number of Indian fashion houses as well. Classic Sanganeri prints are always a vibe when used for some chic fusion fashion!

The pace at which we are making Digital prints is far less than the rate at which people are accepting it. What's exciting is the range this concept has. With Digital print Shirting, Dresses, Kaftans, Jumpsuits & more, the potential is becoming apparent and soon popular too!

This is a trend we predicted earlier this year (much like the Indian fusion trend, but hey, we're not bragging *wink*).

Bold, Audacious and completely Unapologetic. Street wear is about loving your drip and showing it off because YOU ARE BREATHTAKING.

The sneaker culture started blooming in small pockets across the country with the youth ordering them from London and the US off of ebay not too long ago. Today, about 5 years later, we are embracing and customizing the so called Street-wear in India. Sweatshirts, Jumpsuits, Courdroy jackets and Bell-bottom jeans are just as acceptable every-wears as Shirts and Kurtas in modern day India.

As we love to say, trends move in cycles. The stripes that were booming 15 years ago are making a comeback. People with different style languages love them. As a shirting fabric manufacturer in Delhi, we can vouch for this considering the volume of orders our stripes portfolio is accumulating lately.

A clear sign of the times to come!

It's been nearly 2 years since we started working from home and going out less. A lot of us had time to introspect and realize that comfort really is the most important thing afterall! There's been a new found & stable demand for soothing color charts, flowing fabric qualities and relaxed fit clothing that work as lounge and social wear alike.

Following the relaxed clothing trend is a sub trend on the same train of thought. The sleek elegance of solids is becoming popular for work wear and social meets. Styled with accessories, Indian ethnic dupattas, sneakers or just about anything, solids work beautifully with the right color combinations.

Solids shirtings, especially the mandrain collor kurta shirts are quiet popular right now, which goes to show, these trends arrive in all classes of clothing together.

Get to know the Tastemakers

1. thechiquefactor

Roshni Bhatia is leading the scene for fashion and beauty blogs in India with a unique vibrance. She seems to have a vision for color that simply no one does.

Her outfits often feature pairings of just the right tones elevated with novel silhouettes. Creativity with minimalism is a feat thats hard to achieve.

2. thecozyvibe

Pooja Mundhra-Mahatme is a style entrepreneur with her own online store (@thecozythrifts) that features sustainable and pre-loved pieces from her selection and design language.

Her handle fits her style, as she flaunts street style, as well as elaborate Indian-ethnic outfits with a cozy & welcoming vibe.

3. theformaledit

Karron Dhinggra is a lawyer, fashion enthusiast and youtuber, with a roster of guides as diverse as his professions. With a bold and friendly personality, Karron is a guru to young Indians on grooming, fashion, fitness and everything that goes into being a gentleman.

Check out his youtube channel here.

4. Juhi Godambe

No one does Western themes like Juhi. Her outfits are easy to adopt & confident. Perfect for the socialite personalities to stay up-to-trend.

Theres much to borrow from her wardrobe at her own online store (@arabellaofficial) which features collections styled by her.

5. houseofmisu

Mitali & Summiyya express their love for style and each other at the House of Misu, a lifestyle blog for food, beauty, home, family & fashion.

With a beautifully serene undertone, the House features styles that can be donned in every Indian setting without a second thought.

6. Akansha Redhu

Akansha is a powerhouse, with her style & projects. A consultant by profession and blogger by passion, she is BIG on fitness and healthy living.

Akansha can find beauty in the simplest of fabrics and elevate them with her style to create an outfit that turns heads.

7. settlesubtle

Varun Agrawal is an award winning lifestyle influencer, credited by Cosmo. He is urging men to feel more free and experiment with different personas to have the complete package life has to offer.

Varun's zen aesthetic helps him transcend wardrobes effortlessly.

8. Siddharth Batra

The Bold, Blunt & Audasciously creative Siddharth is making a statement with his playful charm. His liberated style urges others to find their you-nique design taste.

A romantic at heart, he features styles quirky and dapper. Siddharth curates vlogs for his youtube channel here.

9. Usaamah Siddique

Usaamah has a sleek, elegant and what you'd call an urban style, with a persona that appeals to the fashion hungry youth. With his laid back & dark aesthetic, he has created a cult audience.

Usaamah owns his own clothing line over at which has garnered popularity amongst bollywood stars as well.

We tried to bring together tastemakers of different design languages and have as much diversity on the roster as possible. We believe it sufficiently prooves the validity of the 6 trends that boiled down from their feeds. Besides, as fabric manufacturers, we are witnessing the same trends running on our mills too.

Stay Updated

We love learning & exploring from new sources. In this digital age, nearly everything is data that one can learn from. Check out these bloggers and tell us about your favorite personalities in the comments below.

We post fairly often! Subscribe to the blog for fashion industry insights, behind the scene info, and new concepts from the mill.

Until next time,

Team Mangla.


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