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8 Shirting designs trending in India

Over the past 15 years, our study has revealed only one fact for certain, trends move in cycles. Read on to know what we mean.

The most memorable thing about 2020 may have been the global pandemic, but it is worth noting that 2020 gave us an honest look at ourselves and what we truly want. Naturally, we bought and sold styles that were not just wanted, but NEEDED by India.

Have a look at the styles that are in the spotlight as we say goodbye to 2020 -

1. Slim-fit Solids

Solids Peter England

This is as versatile as it gets. If made with mindful stitching, there's nothing bolder than solid shirt.

Image by Peter England via”

2. Kurta cuts

Kurta Crimsoune club

Indian classics turned heads everywhere. Textured and self-design kurta-shirts made way into the popular style list like never before!

Image by Crimsoune club via”

3. Geometric prints

printed shirt jack and jones

The beauty of repeated motifs & printed patterns is that it presents a different look and personality from afar.

Elegantly printed shirts have always been IN.

Image by Jack & Jones via”

4. Casual Linen

linen shirt indian

We're living through a PRO-WRINKLE revolution!

Texture, in mens-wear is back for good, and fabrics like courdroy and linen have made a comeback in everyday-wear and street style.

Image by Linen Trail via”

5. Vertical Stripes

stripe shirt andamen

The width of the stroke decides if you're wearing the shirt to work or the beach.

This vintage style flatters all body-types alike. A timeless classic indeed.

Image by Andamen via”

6. Floral prints

floral print shirts

Celeb sightings in unconventional attires has definitly paved the way for daily wear floral prints. A metrosexual wave is changing the wardrobe of the Indian man for the better.

Image by Crimsoune club via”

7. Denim on Denim

denim shirt mensxp

Is it the ribbed texture? The indigo hues? The subtle washed effects? or the fact that denim gets better with age?

We can't decide what gives denim its retro-cool charm.

Image by AC&F via

8. Checks & Flannels

rear rabbit checks shirt

Always a business casual staple, checks and plaids were designed with uniquely inspired minds this year. Originality in research & design shines bright.

winter checks shirt design

Deeper tones, larger plaids & yarn-dyed flannels rule the winters as always.

Images by Rare Rabbit via”

The Verdict

2020 may have hidden our faces behind masks which is why our style did most of the talking for us. We step into 2021 knowing that we are living through a contradicting era, that is adopting & redefining vintage classics. To have a look at our work with shirting and book a presentation, click here.

Read on, fellow fabric enthusiast, to watch the story of 2021 unfold.


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