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Sustainable Fashion: Indian-core edition

From fabrics to marketing efforts, we aim to leave a positive footprint on the lives & atmosphere around us. For a Better Everyday!

It has always been our vision to Create. True creation however, is never at the cost of something. The Mangla group was founded on the principles of our Great Grandfather, who peddled on a cycle to bring beautiful fabrics to the community he established; people he met everyday. Our craft is governed by this simple ideology.

Create something that brings happiness and joy to those who make & those who buy.

In the age of fast fashion, microtrends & marketing that encourage people to discard fabrics and buy more, QUICK, we realize the importance of satying honest. The value of quality.

Core Indian values have always encouraged us to be close to nature. Seasonal manufacturing cycles, harvesting cycles, culturally rooted festivals and the subsequent discount sale seasons, the entire ecosystem is establisehed in a manner that consumes what it creates. The new Western trend of going "Sustainable" has been in practice in India since the beginning. It is quiet natural, a business that doesn't create value for its ecosystem, its buyers AND its sellers, is not necessary.

We are Zero Waste

In our attempts to stay eco-friendly, we have established a network that leaves no waste. Every inch of fabric is put to the best possible use, even the trimmings & samples.

Eco-friendly Marketing

Creativity and innovation always makes for a brilliant gift! These seed pencils, made from recycled paper, carrying various seeds at the ends, have been our go to for gifting at the Trade Fairs and Exhibitions we participate in. Its fresh, useful and always brings a curious smile to the faces we meet.

It's really that simple. After decades of making what people need in their everyday lives, beautifully printed fabrics for daily wear, we have learnt that simplicity & quality gives a much higher level of satisfaction overall.

Check out the latest collection!

Our pursuit for research & design never ends. You'd be surprised at how creative we can be with our Shirting fabrics & Dress Material designing! We have been experimenting with new fabric bases such as Two-tone Rayon, Cotton Flex and Cotton Twill weaves this season, get in touch and book your trends today!


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