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What We Do

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Welcome to Threads & Fabrics, a blog detailing the journey behind the brand, Mangla Textiles. We will be sharing all our inspirations, works & insights about the processes we choose, to craft premium fabrics.

As part of the Indian fashion landscape, we are proud to be where we are today, offering a variety of products to 3 segments across the county.

“With each new era, from the growing 50s, the roaring 70s and the booming 90s, our styles have evolved.”

Our journey began 8 decades ago, when one entrepreneur set out to collect the best Shirting (shirt fabrics) fabrics across the country under 1 roof. Gradually adding more weaves and bases to our bouquet, we added Suitings (trouser/denim fabrics) to our collection. About 2 decades later, with a wave of new styles and trends all around, we took on the challange to design Salwar Kameez fabrics. These had to be trendy to be worn everyday, bold to reflect confidence and elegant to show a tasteful class. With each new era, from the growing 50s, the roaring 70s and the booming 90s, our styles have evolved. It is only recently, since the 2000s that the Kurta started becoming popular. Traditionally, from the family of Salwar Kameez, Kurta is a part of our heritage that has been accepted by the modern ages, fused with western trends. Today we are happy to announce our foray into our first readymade product, Kurtis for women.

It is with great pleasure, that we start documenting our journey online, and share our knowledge and ideas, with members of our community. Are you ready to get started?

Stay tuned to see the story unfold.


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