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Slow Fashion

We live in a complex world, where every action affects many lives. Your choice of investing in a sustainable fashion cycle is more important now than ever. 

Know Your Sources

Fast is Destructive

Fast fashion has grown rampantly in India. A vast majority now buys from exploitative big brand stores due to sheer marketing.

Break The Pattern

Pushing recklessly for faster, cheaper products comes at the cost of human lives & the environment we live in.
We believe in something different.

Sustainable Living

The collective conscience is waking up. Fashion brands that are mindful of their actions build stonger communities.

We craft everyday wear to last long.

how fast fashion affects you

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How Fast Fashion affects YOU 

Shorter trends may seem fun, but they wreck havoc on the ecosystem that supplies them & the lives of those who buy them. Read more about it here.

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Source fabrics from India. Source from Us.

The Indian Way

Indian fashion has always been rooted in nature. Besides designs, production cycles are synced with seasons & festivals as well. With a culture that celebrates harvests, it is easy to follow organic timelines for fabric manufacturing.

Working Together

All our fabrics are manufactured in sustainable ecosystems. Working in collaboration, free from exploitative activities. We strive to stay true to our motto, For a Better Everyday with our choice to manufacture conscious fashion.

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What We Do

After 80 years as a textile manufacturer, Mangla Textiles has grown as a trusted fashion house.


We design & manufacture fabric for Men's Shirting and Suiting, and are a leading brand for Women's Dress Materials and Salwar kameez pan India.

Continuous research and design with fusions of rotary printing, hand block printing, digital textile printing, burnout printing & more, offers a wide bouquet of novel fabric products. Our quality promise stands strong, as our fabrics meet global lab testing parameters.

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